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  • Guest Article by Wendy Dessler

5 Wedding Color Combos You’ve Never Seen

Society has evolved in wedding fashion trends. In the past, traditional weddings focused around few colors. Pink, blue, and pastels were almost always chosen for the bridesmaid’s dresses. People did not feel they could step away from custom. One wedding looked a lot like any other wedding.

Today’s bride understands that the limits placed on the colors of the wedding are sel- imposed. We are allowed to use any color to create the moods, style, and atmosphere of our special day. The colors we choose will affect the florist, baker, and decorator.

Therefore, choosing well is essential. When choosing your palette, keep the season in mind as well as the venue. You want styles and colors that compliment the venue, not that look out of place. Here are a few, unusual and beautiful wedding colors that will work for almost any wedding scheme:

Caribbean Blue, Orchid, and Lilac

These are colors that exhibit dignity, charm, and elegance. This is a perfect choice for the couple who are looking to visit the Hawaiian Islands for a honeymoon, for example. Use these colors when creating your wedding social media page, announcements, and Plumfund gift registry. For a Caribbean feel, use the blue color for the bridesmaid gowns and the orchid and lilac colors for the flowers and accessories.

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Mint, Yellow, and Turquoise

Perfect for spring, summer, or early fall, these colors are warm and fun. Yellow (think mustard yellow) accents the mint and turquoise beautifully. These colors look great for an outdoor wedding or a wedding at a vineyard, farm, or gazebo. They also work for a church or hall.

While mint or turquoise are beautiful for the bridesmaid’s dresses, consider reversing that to make the dress yellow and mint and turquoise for flowers and decor. This color combo is just fun and so candy-like!

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Navy, Bright Pink, and Blush

Navy is perfect for classic and formal wedding attire. Navy has the same aesthetic effect as black. Blush and pink are understated for a unique charm.

Navy is a color that can be utilized for a full formal,but also looks great for a casual wedding. Whether you opt for floor-length gowns or short dresses with cowboy boots, this is a winner.

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Coral, Sage Green, and Gold

These colors are beautiful together and create a warm and welcoming feel. Late spring and fall weddings do well with this combination indoor or outdoor.

The floral selections to compliment these are endless. Coral is often used as a sunset color, while the earthy tones of green add a southwest hue to an elegant and classy look.

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Cranberry, Emerald, and Ivory

Deep, sophisticated, elegance and charm are brought to life with this color combination. This gives you a beautiful winter palette without crossing the line into “holiday”. These colors compliment all body sizes and features. Consider large blooms for flower arrangements.

While these colors are not your traditional wedding choices, give them a look. You might be surprised at how lovely they are together and how they set the mood for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to step away from conventional ideas and make your wedding your own. This is your special day, make it your brand. Bring it to life and share it with people who love and support you and your union.

Future generations will browse your wedding pictures, long after you have gone. But most importantly, you will carry the memories of your wedding in your heart forever.

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