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  • What is the difference between a planner and coordinator?
    A planner can help with anything related to your wedding from designing your decor, to attending your cake tasting, to deciding on invitation fonts. A coordinator runs your wedding day and makes sure everything goes smoothly, relieving you of all potential stress!
  • Why do I need music therapy sessions?
    Music therapy sessions are not the same as pre-marital counseling, "couples' therapy", etc. Instead, it's a fun alternative that allows couples to bond, de-stress, and prep music for the big day! Sessions are included in all planning and coordination packages as a way for your to invest in your MARRIAGE while investing in your wedding.
  • How are you different from our site coordinator?
    Your site coordinator is assigned to you to manage details and arrangements specifically relating to your venue. They may be able to answer questions related to your wedding day proceedings or provide advice, but they will not attend your dress fitting, help you decide on your color palette, or design your hotel welcome bags with you. THAT'S what The Wedding Therapist is for.
  • Do you have an office?
    Yes!! I work out of my brand new in-home office. Not only can we create, design, and plan in this space, but it is also the space I use for all of my music therapy sessions! I have two adorable doggies and will always inquire about pet allergies or preferences before inviting you to my office space.
  • What payment types do you accept?
    I accept personal check, VenMo, PayPal, Facebook Messenger pay, and Zelle! I try to make the financial part as easy as possible. I also offer payment plan options for those interested.
  • Why do I need a planner?
    Wedding planning is a stressful and intense process with many moving parts. If you are an insane, type A, OCD, detail-oriented wedding fanatic like myself, maybe you feel like you don't need a planner at all. And that's fine! But if you're like everyone else in the world, my job is to take all of the worry and stress out of the planning process and think of all of the things most people forget!
  • Why do I need a wedding day coordinator?
    Having a coordinator not only ensures that everything is perfect and ready to go in the weeks prior to your wedding day, but also ensures that you will not be thinking about anyone or anything but the love of your life on the day itself. I want you to focus on the happiness of your special day and let me do all of the crazy, stressful stuff!
  • What is your price range?
    Pricing depends on the client, but packages typically range from $1200-$5000 depending on your needs! Each package can be adjusted up or down when adding or removing services. There is also an a la carte option where you can pay for services or music therapy sessions by the hour. Contact me for more details and visit my Packages page!
  • Can you recommend vendors?
    Yes!! I have a list of wedding professionals who I absolutely adore and have worked with in the past. You can trust that their work is quality and feel safe knowing that they will come through for you. You can view all of the wonderful people on my Preferred Vendors page!
  • Do you plan non-wedding events?
    Yes!! Anything from birthday parties, engagement parties, and galas to anniversary parties, bachelorette parties, and corporate events! Contact for pricing. :)
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