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Carina is highly knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She is highly personable and professional, easily accessible and very responsive to correspondences, proactive in maintaining regular communication and coordination with vendors, and punctual in completing any additional tasks or action items on her end. She genuinely values each of her clients and works meticulously to ensure that all of the logistics and moving parts are in place and that everything flows smoothly, so that wedding day is as stress-free as possible. Carina did all of the heavy lifting so that I barely had to lift a finger - other than selecting and securing services from vendors and wedding personnel - in planning for my wedding, which was tremendously helpful to me in a particularly busy period of my life. Further, her impeccable organization skills combined with her warm and relaxed demeanor are highly effective in mitigating any feelings of stress or being overwhelmed as wedding day approaches. I am so impressed and appreciative of all of her work in helping me plan and prepare for my wedding - I couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator. Thanks for all you do, Carina! - Stephanie and Chris, Phoenix, AZ

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Carina at The Wedding Therapist is a joy to work with. She is so detail-oriented, creative, and unflappable in stressful situations. After we had to cancel our Kauai wedding, she was able to create the most intimate, romantic, tropical setting for our small wedding here in AZ. Carina has wonderful ideas and was able to make my vision become reality. Her assistance in helping me make decisions, keeping me calm, working with vendors, and putting every detail in place was invaluable. Carina made sure everything went smoothly throughout the ceremony and reception. I could not have done it without her! - Jessica and Mike, Phoenix, AZ

Five stars!! I hired Carina with her "I got this" package to do day-of-coordination, but it was really more like "month of" coordination. I'm so glad we worked with her! From start to finish, she was professional, a good listener, and attentive to detail. I did most of the initial planning, but then could enjoy the wedding weekend knowing that Carina would finish carrying out my vision of our day. She even coordinated my vendors for me and created a timeline so that everyone knew the flow of events for the evening. It was priceless to have someone else be the point person on the day of (again, more like month of) the wedding. When I walked into the reception, I saw that she had placed all our decorations perfectly. If you are an organized, "type A" bride who wants to relax on your special day, know that you can trust Carina to have thought of everything! Easily the most useful piece of the wedding budget, because hiring Carina let me enjoy all the other parts that much more. - Sarah & Chris, Phoenix, AZ


Carina exceeded our expectations with her timeliness, attention to detail, creative input, and ability to bring our vision to life on our big day. She was so patient with me during the planning process and really put me at ease the day of the wedding reassuring me that she had everything covered (which she did!). I can’t recommend Carina enough! - Cindy & Jake, Phoenix, AZ


Carina was an essential part of creating our big day. She was able to keep me organized (NOT my strong suit) and helped me to narrow down pretty much all of the details. She communicated with us every step of the way, and was on top of all the minutia. Plus: she is also a very skilled therapist and knew how to expertly handle some of my more difficult family members so I didn’t have to worry about them on the wedding day. I HIGHLY recommend her! - Kiersten and Josh, Mesa, AZ


The wedding therapist takes the time to know each of her clients (both the bride and the groom) and helps them work through each obstacle to make their big day flawless. Everything is organized and details are always carefully attended to and if the bride or groom has a melt down by chance or is having a crises Carina handles it with empathy yet with the utmost professionalism and is always ready to help the couple work through anything. I would highly recommend her for any couple who is looking for a lot less stress involved in their wedding planning. - Emily & Anthony, Mesa, AZ

We are so thankful for crossing paths with Carina and hiring her to be our wedding planner . She truly goes above and beyond very understanding and helps with everything she can. She made our experience so special and she was a great help . I would recommend her for my family and loved ones for sure!!! - Lelav & Hazar, Scottsdale, AZ


Carina was everything we could have hoped for in a wedding coordinator!

Carina was absolutely indispensable. We were so fortunate to have her at the helm for the months leading up to the wedding and of course for the rehearsal and day of! My husband and I were in the somewhat unique position of booking Secret Garden years before for a wedding that fell through due to family circumstances, so we've been familiar with this venue for a long time (and thankful for the owner's flexibility in allowing us to rebook). Our eventual wedding date finally arrived and after years of anticipation and months of frenzied preparation and planning, everything went off without a hitch. We credit Carina with ensuring so many small details were attended to with precision and that everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves. We received so many compliments from our guests as well as other wedding vendors about how organized the operation was and how smoothly everything was handled at every level. Having spent so long fantasizing about our "perfect" wedding (we've been together for over ten years) and all the personalized touches we hoped to incorporate, it was a joy to see our dream realized and to be surrounded by loved ones on the best day of our lives, knowing everything was under control. The experience was meaningful, intimate, fun and we never felt stressed out or overburdened.  Above all, we cannot say enough nice things about Carina. She worked so hard and we are endlessly grateful for her efforts! You can really tell when you go through the process of planning a wedding who is actually invested in your event going well, and Carina was such a pro from start to finish -- radiating calm, quick to respond to questions and just a joy to work with every step of the way. She set my nerves at ease immediately and that sense of encouragement and support never wavered. All our friends and relatives who interacted with her adored her. Thank you for everything! - Gillian & Alex, Phoenix, AZ

I don't even know where to begin with Carina. She is a bride's fairy godmother! Best money spent on my entire wedding was to have her there! Carina is such a sweetheart and SO professional and organized. We absolutely loved working with her. She truly went above and beyond to give us the wedding of our dreams. She did EVERYTHING I did not want to do and just let me enjoy being a bride. She took care of absolutely everything and our day would not have been as special if it wasn't for her. She was not only our planner and coordinator, but my shoulder to cry on and vent to, a friendly phone call when I needed a pep talk, and everything in between. I can't thank her enough. I will recommend her to ALL of my engaged friends! Thanks, Carina! - Rebecca & Doug, Sedona, AZ


There are no words to express the amazing talent that is Carina Inganamort. Aside from being so exceptionally good at ALL things wedding planning related, she glides through the process gracefully, happily, and with the calmness to ease a storm. From design, to organization, Carina is not only available but delighted to meet every single need. And by every single need, I mean: Every. Single. Need. And with pure delight, excitement and complete professionalism. She is efficient, thorough and has a unique eye for detail. Something every bride needs in the midst of beautiful mayhem. I believe what sets Carina apart from all others is her genuine passion to make dreams come true. In just a short amount of time, she will know a bride's heart, capture her vision and make it a reality. I had the pleasure of working with Carina alongside my wedding on the Athenian Riviera in Varkiza, Greece. Planning a destination wedding was no easy feat, and it was through my partnership with Carina, The Wedding Therapist, that my wedding day was pure, complete and utter perfection. And let me tell you, my expectations and standards are up in the stars. To put quite simply, Carina Inganamort is positively and without a doubt, the very best gift you can give yourself when planning your wedding. - Faith & Jared, Athens, Greece


Absolutely amazing! Would HIGHLY recommend Carina. She is very organized and attentive and really knows what she's doing. We have enjoyed working with her and she has made the wedding process stress-free for us. If you want the best wedding planner out there, Carina is your girl!!! - Chelsea & Julian, Phoenix, AZ

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