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The Real Story

arizona wedding planner

You may think I just woke up one day and thought I should go into wedding planning, right?




Being a wedding planner has been a part of my destiny since I was born.  My grandmother owned her own in-home wedding business, It's a Pleasure, for over two decades.  I spent my summers looking at her invitation books, reading wedding magazines, and helping brides pick out veils.  I was helping her with inventory, cake flavors, and dying shoes since I could read.  I was in four weddings by the time I finished elementary school.  My grandmother taught me so much about the business before she retired a few years ago.





















I went on to study music therapy at ASU while assisting with event planning through ASU's career services department - organizing career fairs and office parties.  After graduating, I started working for a nonprofit music therapy organization not just as a music therapist but also as the major event planner for the company.  Throughout the years I have been employed there, I have planned nonprofit events such as golf tournaments, large concerts, galas, and casino nights.  


Then in 2014 I said "yes" to my future husband and launched into a 20-month period of extremely meticulous and excrutiatingly detailed planning of my own wedding.  Where as some brides dreaded the process, I indulged in it like it was a delicious ice cream sundae, obsessing every step of the way to December 4th, 2015.

Just like you know that your future partner is "the one", I know that wedding planning is where I'm meant to be.  I promise to put as much love, obsession, and effort into every detail of each and every wedding.  That's how I was raised!  So let's talk weddings, yes?


With love,


The Wedding Therapist

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