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Meet the wedding therapist.

Congratulations on your engagement!  You're probably very excited, but starting to realize there's so much to do!  Want to take the worry out of your wedding planning?  My name is Carina Inganamort, and I'm the Wedding Therapist. I am a wedding-obsessed and detail-oriented planner who just so happens to be a board-certified music therapist.  I am also the Venue Director at the stunning Secret Garden Event Center in Phoenix, AZ!  There is nothing I would love more than to help you create your perfect wedding day, step by step, while ensuring you have as little stress and grief as possible along the way.


As a former bride, I know exactly what it takes to pull off your perfect wedding.  It takes a lot of effort, dedication, and cooperation.  Whether you have all of the confidence in the world and just need some guidance, or you feel clueless and don't know where to begin, you can feel certain that I'll be there to help you.  And if you want to help strengthen your future marriage throughout the process, you can partake in individualized music therapy sessions to help plan your wedding day music, de-stress, and feel more connected to your partner.


The Wedding Therapist is your secret maid of honor, personal shopper, extra best friend, and mentor.  Make wedding planning fun and easy so that you feel relaxed and prepared for the best day of your life.


With love, The Wedding Therapist


You contact The Wedding Therapist and say you are totally interested in hiring a super awesome event planner and coordinator!

We meet at a coffee shop or venue for a drink on me and I learn all about you and your event vision!  We chat pricing, packages, music therapy and all things YOU!

You make a decision about which services you would like, I create your custom proposal, and you sign the service contract.  (And you receive a little gift!)

I carry out all of your planning needs with unheard of precision, detail orientation, and perfection.  Maybe i'm helping you from day 1, providing fun music therapy sessions, or swooping in to tie up loose ends and make your wedding day come to life!

You have a picture perfect, stress-free event that is the envy of everyone you know and you start your magical life with your partner!



Creating your perfect wedding day has never been so stress-free and fun. With the Wedding Therapist at your side every step of the way, your wedding dreams can becoome a reality.


Feel like you have it under control, but need a hand to guide you?  Let the Wedding Therapist be your voice of reason and guidance throughout your planning process.


Connect with your partner throughout your planning process on a musical level.  Participate in fully personalized couples' music therapy sessions that focus on relationship skills, relaxation, and planning for your wedding!.

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