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  • Carina Inganamort, The Wedding Therapist

Disney Bridal Shower on Your Family's Budget

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Last month I had the pleasure of planning my little sister Chelsea's bridal shower (although, let's be honest, I pretty much didn't have a choice). As her wedding planner, I was naturally thrilled and knew I could keep her Disney wedding theme running through her shower to create consistency for the guests. However, I was working with my own budget as well as my family's.

There is a common misconception in the wedding industry that you need to have a mile-high budget in order to pull off the event that you envision. FALSE. You can have a dream bridal shower and keep some spare change in your pocket.

I, in conjunction with our mother, pulled in the pinks and whites of the bride's wedding day to create a feminine, sophisticated, Minnie Mouse-inspired shower. We brought in my grandmother to create a unique and beautiful cake, I handled details, decor, and overall design, and my mother and aunt took on most of the food. Although, I did have my share of culinary fun when hand cutting and dipping over 75 miniature Mickey head rice krispie treats. Blood, sweat, and tears, I tell you.

I arrived the morning of the shower with a tray of Starbucks beverages, completely jazzed for the day. I put out "fires" as they arose and shook up the nerves of my already-stressed family members. Working from the front of my mother's beautiful Scottsdale home to the backyard seating, I began by creating an inviting, on-theme entryway. A fabric floral bouquet adorned with draping tulle was placed on the front door, and a hand-drawn chalkboard, draped with a matching floral arrangement and an ivy garland, was set with a vase containing a second bouquet of fabric roses. Chalk boards are a fun and easy way to add a personal touch to any shower. Don't forget the #hashtag!

In the front family room, I created a photo backdrop for Chelsea and her guests to enjoy that also served as a nice gift-opening location. These are time consuming, so be sure to leave yourself a lot of time. Using streamers and paper floral poofs with a little detail of a Mickey head and a DIY banner, I was able to pull off something young and fun that was also eye-catching. Pulling in a chair in front of it for the gift opening session made the bride feel like a princess.

I completed the room with a table for gifts, a table for favors (wine glasses filled with little pink candies and beauty products, and personalized tags), and a space for guests to address thank you card envelopes for the bride (always a nice touch). Putting a sign at each station made it easy for guests to navigate.

Moving to the kitchen, we set a "treats" table with the beautiful cake, the tricky rice krispie treats dipped in chocolate, and yogurt and chocolate-covered pretzels. Other food included a Minnie head fruit display and a variety of other finger foods. Don't forget themed details like tablecloths and skirts, banners, themed napkins, and cute personalized signage.

Finally, we set the backyard for games, mingling, and enjoying beverages. The wind was not our friend that day and took some creativity to combat. We completed the setup with fabric floral and balloon centerpieces, polka dot tablecloths, and a "Minnie Bar" with punch, tea, and lemonade (not pictured). Even though it was a hot spring day in Arizona, there was enough shade to keep guests comfortable while playing the three games I designed.

Note the wind struggle

When the bride arrived, she was gifted floral Minnie ears and a bridal sash to wear and was blown away by her perfect Minnie Mouse bridal shower. Proof that you don't need millions to impress the bride-to-be and her guests. She was beaming ear to ear the entire time. :)

With love, The Wedding Therapist

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