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  • Carina Inganamort, The Wedding Therapist

What You DON'T Plan For

There you are...basking in the glow of your perfectly constructed seating chart, immaculately labeled invitations, or perfectly accessorized wedding party attire. You have planned everything down to the most minute detail. But what about all of the things you don't plan for - the stuff that just happens? Life is unpredictable, and even the most prepared bride can't plan for everything.

If anything is going to keep you laying awake a night it's the thought that someone steps on your train 10 minutes before the ceremony and rips a hole in your gown.

Or maybe the cake vendor arrived late and had to assemble the cake in a hurry.

Or, heaven forbid, this....

These are the things that raise your stress levels! What can you do about these things? Nothing. What can you do to prepare for them? Hire a wedding coordinator.

On your wedding day, you don't want to have to worry about ANY of that. Your main priorities should be marrying your best friend, eating yummy food, and dancing the night away. Your wedding coordinator takes all of the stressful situations and converts them into secret operations that you (and your guests) don't have to know or worry about. Knowing that someone will be there to take care of potential crises will help you reduce your stress prior to your wedding day as well.

As a wedding planner AND therapist, it is one of my top priorities to reduce your stress levels from Day 1 of your planning process. Stress can cause lack of sleep, a dull or darkened complexion, digestive issues, unhealthy hair and nails, and a negative mood...none of which is good for a bride-to-be!

Let's avoid all of this, shall we?

Now, just to be clear, I am not a real superhero. I can't prevent a tornado, reverse the rotation of the earth, or honestly prevent that wedding party from falling into that lake. But I can do everything in my human power to make sure that your day is about your happiness. Some pre-wedding music therapy sessions couldn't hurt either, but that's for a different blog post. ;)

Love always,

The Wedding Therapist

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