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Top 5 Themed Wedding Ideas for the Coming Year

Is the internet a wonderful place or what? 20-30 years ago, who would have thought that we’d have this platform where we're able to find things like “which type of pizza are you” quizzes all the way to things like wedding theme inspiration? Sorry, I got caught up in my random thoughts. All jokes aside, it is finally here! I’ve finally done some serious homework and after searching and searching and searching, I have finally created this ultimate list of the BEST OF THE BEST wedding themes in order to provide all of you, my dear readers, and brides/grooms-to-be, with proper and concise inspiration. Without further ado, here are the top five wedding theme ideas for 2019. 1. Beach wedding Love

Happily Ever Aronfeld

The past two months have whizzed by in an absolute blur as I have been prepping for the impending wedding season, all the while reminiscing about the greatest Disney-themed wedding I have had the fortune to plan. Now that the photos are in and I have somehow managed to select my favs, let's take a little walk down memory lane. Chelsea and Julian are high school sweethearts who share a love of choir, Disney, The Office, internet memes, and cats. They also happen to be my baby sister and brother-in-law. Even though discussion had already taken place regarding my planning their wedding, it obviously didn't really hit me until about a month after their engagement that I would have to start e